Steven Smith Landscape Certifications & Memberships

The Steven Smith Landscape Certifications & Memberships


Steven Smith Landscape Inc. is recognized has having the following certifications, as well as in-house continuing education programs for employee training and safety:

Certified Landscape Technicians of Maintenance, Construction and Irrigation

The CLT-M, CLT-C and CLT-I are certifications awarded by the California Landscape Contractors Association - CLCA, to applicants who have proven expertise in extensive written and demonstrative examinations. Participation in a continuous educational program is required to maintain a current license.

Certified Water Auditors and Reclaimed Water Site Supervisors

Certified by the Irrigation Association and recognized by the State of California's Dept. of Water Resources to perform Water Audits, as well as certified by the San Diego County Water Authority to provide Supervision in Reclaimed Water Sites

Qualified Pesticide Applicators Certificate

The Qualified Pesticide Applicators certification program is monitored by San Diego County and the State of California with strict guidelines for the public safety. Participation in a continuous educational program is required to maintain a current license.

Certified Irrigation Managers

This is a California Landscape Contractors Association water management program

In House Training Program

Steven Smith Landscape, Inc. has constructed an extensive and in-depth training program for our field employees using CLCA guidelines. Training covers a wide range of topics including: pruning, mowing and edging techniques, pesticide application, fertilizer application, irrigation troubleshooting and repairs, plant identification and equipment use. We send participants who qualify to test for their own CLT certification.

In House Safety Program

We have a comprehensive safety training program in place that follows OSHA standards. We also work together with our workers compensation carrier on seminars covering accident prevention and reporting.


Steven Smith Landscape, Inc. is recognized as being an upstanding member of the following organizations:

  • California Landscape Contractors Association - CLCA
  • Community Associations Institute - CAI
  • American Society of Landscape Architects - ASLA
  • Pesticide Applicators Professional Association - PAPA